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The new Design of is online. A beautiful Simple design.
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Big Update

Nice you found your way back to my new Homepage. I worked many hours on my new design and the new content. From now on you can find my new Blog Posts on this page. I will write about my travel journeys, my life and new gadgets. Maybe you know; I had a page called where I postet a lot about tech stuff and my old page who was about travel.

Now it’s time to build one place for all my posts, so here you are at


I like simple design so I tried to keep my page very clean. When you open my page you will see a Slider with my newest Portfolio Items and my Blog Posts.



I haven’t merged my old content to this page because I want to start over with better content and everything in English. was in German because this is my first language. But a lot of people who know my Instagram Account asked me, if I have a Blog where I write about my journeys. My answer was „YES“ but in German… the most people who follow me on IG are not German.


Everything I write in my blogs are my own thoughts and opinions.

I know my English is not the best but I try to improve it and I think this is a good way to learn – when I write more Blogs in English.


My Portfolio posts are short reviews of some destinations I traveled. The main focus of a Portfolio post is my photography. Like photos with the story behind.



3 Months ago I started filming beside my photography. Here you can find my Videos I made. Right now there are just my favorite Videos. For more; you can checkout my Youtube Channel.


About Me

If you like to know more about me, check out the About Page… and if you have any questions feel free to comment below or find my contact form on the page 😉



Here you can buy my best photos. Perfectly printed on a Matt Poster. If you would like to have an other photo you have seen on my Instagram Page please send me an E-Mail.


Pascal Erb
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