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Fashion – Viktoria Fischer

This is one of my fashion shooting I have done.

In the words of the designer.

„VARIOUS FORMS OF SUFFERING“. In the art scene, harm is often expressed with art. My inspiration is AI WEIWEI, who shows injustices with his amazing installations. My main inspiration is Dr. Agata Norek, a beautiful and impressive artist. She created shields against violence. She demonstrate different kind of violence against women. Further more I did my owm art-project with young refugees without parents here in Berlin. Together with all these and the art- objects from the refugees, I define various forms of suffering and transformed it in fashion.

Model: Viktoria Fischer

Travel – Canada

A tour of some popular spots in the Canadian Rockies, among them are Banff National Park in the Province of Alberta and Yoho National Park in the Province of British Columbia.

Town of Banff and surrounding area, Lake Louise, Town of Golden and surrounding area, Johnston Canyon etc…

The Town of Banff was the first municipality to incorporate within a Canadian national park. It is a resort town and one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, known for its mountainous surroundings and hot springs. It is a destination for outdoor sports and features extensive hiking, biking and skiing.

Lake Louise is a glacial lake within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Fairmont’s Chateau Lake Louise, one of Canada’s grand railway hotels, is located on Lake Louise’s eastern shore. It is a luxury resort hotel built in the early decades of the 20th century by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Johnston Creek is a tributary of the Bow River in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. The creek is located in Banff National Park. A popular hiking trail follows the canyon and leads to a meadow within the Johnston Valley above the canyon. The first part of the trail consists of a constructed walkway with safety rails and bridges, while the last part of the trail is natural and more rugged.

Travel – Kreta

Locals call it “Megalónisos”, the “Great Island”, it’s the Greek moniker for Crete. Noted as the cradle of Minoan civilisation during the second millennium BC, Crete has since then – in the words of the British writer Saki – “produced more history than it can consume locally”.

Today it also produces a surplus of edible goods owing to the longest growing season in Greece. And one of the longest beach-lounging seasons as well; beaches tend to be long and sandy if a bit exposed, while others are shorter but more isolated.

For those of a non-beachy disposition, there is more to explore than you think; exquisitely frescoed country chapels of the 14th and 15th centuries, ruined Minoan palaces and towns, plus top-drawer hiking and botanising opportunities.

Nothing is more characteristic of Crete than the millions of olive trees that grow in valleys and mountainous areas. Cretans have been cultivating the olive tree and have been using olive oil since 3500 BC during the early Minoan period, as archaeological findings have proved.

The olive tree (Olea Europea) is one of the few trees that can still produce fruits even in rocky and unproductive land. Olea’s main characteristic is its longevity and the preservation of its productivity.


Travel – Berlin

A short recap – Berlin

Summer is definitely  the best season to visit Berlin. The city’s local take advantage of the presentable weather. It lets you take part to endless events across the city.


 Billy Connolly: there’s no such thing as a bad time to visit Berlin, just bring the right clothing


Since the fall of its world-famed Wall, Berlin has involved itself with becoming one of the most creative and cultural centres in Europe. These days it’s a city of many faces, old and modern architecture fuse together. Berlin is known as a city that never sleeps (parties here can go on for days rather than hours). As well it’s a magnet for history buffs (the city was at the heart of the turbulent 20th century) and, increasingly, as a destination for families thanks to a wealth of green spaces that includes the sprawling Tiergarten, the Sunday flea market at Mauerpark and the Volkspark Friedrichshain.

The city’s main cultural and historical sights – from the Museum Island and the Reichstag to Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum – are to be found in central Mitte. Don’t forget to visit the neighbourhoods Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Schöneberg. These places are worth exploring for their slew of independent bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as their edgy art spaces and lesser-known museums.

One of my most favourite place in Berlin is the Badeschiff (Treptow), Sipping cocktails in the hammock, warm sand under your feet and relaxed sounds from a local DJ? At Badeschiff Treptow no problem! The swimming pool invites for a cool down. You can lie on the dock or in the sand and let your mind wander. Enjoy the the sun and feel like on the beach.

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