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Start over

Hello world

This is how every project begins right? My first blog was about travel called but after a while I stopped and deleted the domain. I really don’t no why? There was a time I had the money to travel the world and then I started to save my money for other things. I worked a lot as IT-Engineer and stopped blogging.

2 years ago I started a blog called This page is still online but it will go offline soon because I want to merge everything to one page. My main page is I created the page to find a new job. Now I have a new job and I like to start blogging again. But not only about technology like on All my thoughts, reviews, impressions, etc. will be on this blog. My main page is a one-side design. so it wasn’t possible to start a blog. But now there is a new link that lead you to a subdomain „“.  So here you are and I am glad you found the way to my new blog.

Soon I will write new posts about my life, my journeys, reviews about technology I use daily or for work, projects I am working on and many more. So be tuned and follow me on Twitter or Instagram Instagram  so you don’t miss my new posts.

Pascal Erb
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