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Die beste Reise meines Lebens – Vancouver Kanada

Vor ein paar Wochen durfte ich für 4 Wochen nach Kanada wo ich einen Sprachkurs besuchte. Die ganze Reise mit Sprachschule wurde von Boa Lingua organisiert. In diesem Blog Post möchte ich meine Erfahrungen mit euch teilen. Am 17. September startete ich meine Reise in Zürich. Mit dem Flieger ging es über London nach Vancouver wo ich die nächsten 4 Wochen verbrachte. Das Ziel der Reise war, Kanada zu erkunden und eine Sprachschule zu besuchen.


Brazil – Most stunning place I traveled

In 2012 I made a trip organized by it was one of the best travel experience. The German travel agency organize everything you need for a trip trough Brazil.

You can choose diffrent modules where you want to go or just book one of the predefined routes.

I made my own route. The only thing I had to do was sending an e-mail with my preferred destinations. I started in Zurich and took a plane to Rio de Janeiro. From Rio I went to Sao Paulo (Flight)-> Fortaleza (Taxi) -> Buzios (Taxi)-> Jericoarara (Transfer and flight)-> Rio de Janeiro -> Zurich. Everything was well organized and I never had to wait for my transfer. The hotels were perfect, comfortable and central.



On Friday the 21st I am travelling to Berlin. It’s not the first time I’m going to Berlin. I think I was there about eight times. In this Blog post I want to share what I take with me for a short city trip. I stay there for four days, so the most stuff I have to carry on is my technical equipment. Here you can see what I take with me:


What’s in my bag?

As the start of my new blog , I’d like to take inventory of what I carry around in my backpack, which I have with me almost everywhere I go. I’m constantly iterating and changing what I carry around, so I hope it’s interesting to see this vignette of what I’ve found to be the best or most effective items to have with me all the time.


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