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The Basel Autumn Fair, the largest and oldest amusement fair in Switzerland, is taking place from the 24th October to the 8th November 2015 (to the 10.11.2015 on the Petersplatz).
An over 540-year-old tradition
The Basel Autumn fair is more than just the usual funfair or amusement park. With its tradition stretching back over 540 years and its special customs, it really is a part of the city’s living heritage. This traditional inner-city fair, also radiates far into the three-country region and attracts around a million people to Basel from home and abroad. The charm of this public festival surely emanates from the extremely high appreciation the Basel population bestow on it.

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From Venice we headed over to Bari a little city in Italy. Not the destination you have to aim at. But we had a good coffee so it was all right for one day. The next day we took a boat to Greece and visited a little town, called Katakolon. Check out the video and you will see some nice landscapes.

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My travel video from a romantic, vibrant and lovely town called Venice. Check out my video and see my impressions from this overwhelming city.

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