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What’s in my bag?

As the start of my new blog , I’d like to take inventory of what I carry around in my backpack, which I have with me almost everywhere I go. I’m constantly iterating and changing what I carry around, so I hope it’s interesting to see this vignette of what I’ve found to be the best or most effective items to have with me all the time.

Pascal ErbHere we go, I don’t have the designer bag as you expected. It is a backpack from Boblebee a company from Germany that creates practical backpacks. It is rainproof and has a inlay for my camera equipment but if I don’t use my camera I can leave it at home so I have the full space for other stuff. On the back is a pocket for my Laptop. My laptop is not on this picture because I don’t have an own one. The only laptop I carry around is the one I use for work. It is a Lenovo ThinkPad T430.

I am smartphone addicted so I never go out without my Microsoft Lumia 730. The Lumia 730 is a Dual-Sim smartphone therefore I have only one phone. Not one for work and one for private this is very handy.

The second electronic device is my HP Stream 7. I use it in the train to read my news in the morning, check my social accounts, read books, magazines and watch Netflix. As well it is a full Windows 8.1 Pro machine so I can do quick changes on my presentations for work or change some documentations. It’s not only a tablet it’s an all rounder.

My daily companion; Jabra Revo Wireless is always with me. These Bluetooth headphones are the best on the market. I don’t like cables… I hate when I want to hear music and the first thing I have to do is unwire my headphones. Just headphone on and play. The sound quality is awesome and when the battery is empty (what never happens because the battery lasts for more than a week) you can still use an audio cable or micro-usb to usb for the laptop. The good thing is I only have to carry one cable with me to charge all my devices. Every device is charged by a mirco-usb cable.

The next thing you can see is a book. I like to read and I really like technology but there is nothing better than a real book, don’t get me wrong I like e-books but it is still not the same then a real book.

Next to my Book is my shaker from Smart-Shake. I use it daily. It is perfect because you have the freedom to carry around everything you need for a whole day – All in one unit.  Its compartments means you can store several servings of your nutritional supplements: Protein, capsules, pre- or post-work supplements… whatever I need for my daily training.

For almost the same is my IKEA 365+ Tupperware. I like to „meal prep“ my lunch or prepare some healthy snacks. I do a lot of sports so good food is very important for me. 

Lastly my wallet, nothing special about this, it’s all about the money 😉

Yes, this is what i carry around the most days. Oww.. wait I forgot my Smartwatch on the photo, but it is on my wrist not in the bag, I think I will do a separate post for my Microsoft Band soon.

So this is my first blog on my new page. I hope you will find the way back to my blog.

Pascal Erb
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